For me, the past two months have been particularly challenging. My business has taken a (good) new direction and my family life has been very full and over the past couple of months I have found myself slipping back towards what I call the ‘Adrenaline Life’ – a life where you spend a lot of time in overwhelm and are faced with a never ending to do list that you never seem to get on top of. Sound familiar? The funny thing is, this is the life I worked so hard to get away from years ago when I left corporate as a stressed out, coffee drinking insomniac in search of a more meaningful & balanced life. Over the past 2 months I watched myself start to slide backwards into that hectic madness, but this time I was fully conscious and aware of what I was doing. It was kind of like watching myself in a movie.

Our relationship with food and our body are a reflection of our state of mind

When we take care of ourselves physically and emotionally – for example by taking time out to relax and just be, this is mirrored in how we eat (you got it, more healthily). And on the flip side, when we aren’t taking care of ourselves (stressed out, overwhelmed, running on adrenaline) we tend not to nourish ourselves either. What happened for me was that after running a fast pace of life for a good few weeks, I kind of reached a peak (like the top of a wave) where I just knew something had to change. To be busy to that degree and not taking care of myself was going against everything I believe in, and everything I teach, and my body was starting to let me know.

Sometimes we have to reach a critical point, big or small, for the energy to shift and change

I woke up on a Monday morning a couple of weeks back, and I felt awful. This is an unusual feeling for me, because I have always been a morning person. As I cleaned my teeth, I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I saw a puffy, inflamed unhappy body that has been crying out to be heard, but I had not been listening. I was too busy with my work, my family, my life. I felt like crying, not for me but out of sadness for this amazing body of mine that I had spent so many years fostering a respectful relationship with, and yet now I was choosing to completely ignore. I saw, in that moment, not just what I was doing but what the direct impact was. This was my critical point, that mini reawakening.

So I started juicing, and for a week I drank beautiful fresh organic juice, ate nothing but fresh simple veggies & started engaging in active self care. It took about 2 days but then I started to feel clear-headed again, bounding with natural energy and I started to sleep much more deeply. I extended my morning meditation sessions again, went back to yoga and F45 and I have to say it felt amazing to be back in my body and out of my thoughts. 

When we cleanse the body, we are cleansing the emotional body, too

As I created more space for myself mentally, emotionally and spiritually and gave my digestive system a break, I noticed fear arising. The same fears that arise for me from time to time, but for some reason, this time I couldn’t seem to shake them. I know it’s not uncommon to have emotions surface when we cleanse so I took a decision to honour them. I spent time in meditation, giving the fear space and a voice, but I still couldn’t seem to shift it. Four days later and I was starting to feel frustrated. Then that afternoon, in the midst of eating lunch, I remembered something that I heard Tony Robbins say: ‘Fear is just an illusion, and if you don’t use fear it will use you’. Fear is actually created by the unconscious mind to keep us safe. It is a reptilian brain function that served us well in past times when we were faced with war, famine or wild animals. But not so much in the modern (Western World) day when danger is rarely imminent. And so I started saying to myself a little mantra every time I felt the fear surfacing: ‘This (fear) is not me. It is only Fear. And Fear is not real’. I said it to myself over and over that entire afternoon, and a couple of hours later I had completely shifted my state and moved through the fear. It reminded me once again, unequivocally, that it is our state of mind NOT our circumstances that determines the quality of our life.

This (fear) is not me. It is only Fear. And Fear is not real.

The next time you find yourself stuck in fear (and you’re really not in danger), I urge you to try this mantra on. Give it a go. See if you can shift your mindset out of Fear and into Love. It gave me the power to change everything, in just a few hours.

Here’s to us all letting go of fear!

With love


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