Hypnotherapy for Alcohol Addiction

When living with alcohol addiction it can at first be difficult to admit or realise we have a problem. Sadly, the impact on many aspects of our lives - our health, relationships, and finances - can take a great toll.

Alcoholism Hypnotherapy offers a safe and convenient way of tackling addiction and developing a deeper understanding of what may have caused it. With many years of experience in this therapeutic technic, Louise Jeffrey offers clinical Hynotherapy to help patients overcome their unwanted behaviour patterns in a safe and calm environment.

What You Can Expect from Hynotherapy for Alcoholism

Have you ever heard of the term ‘It is all in the mind?’ Well, that sentiment is the driving force behind ‘stop drinking hypnosis,’ which will allow you to open your mind to new concepts and patterns.

  • Every individual possesses both positive and negative thought patterns, which in turn influence their behaviour.
  • Using Hypnotherapy, patients are encouraged to reach a heightened state of awareness where suggestive techniques can be used to prompt positive changes to behaviours, whilst promoting a deeper understanding of the root cause of the addiction.
  • In these sessions we focus on the avoidance of alcohol & the adoption of healthier habits.

History Behind of The Use of Hypnosis to Stop Drinking

Although Hynotherapy for alcoholics is a technique that has gained popularity in recent years for the treatment of alcohol abuse, the concept itself dates back as far as recorded history.

  • The term Hypnosis is derived from ‘Hypnos,’ which in Greek, translates to ‘sleep.’ As history would have it, Greek and Roman healers used the technique to interpret their patient's dreams as they believed strongly in the bond that exists between physical and emotional health.
  • In 1960, the method was recognised as a valid psychological treatment by the American Psychological Association.
  • This technique is known for influencing long term thought patterns and behaviours, especially in people who struggle with addictions or trauma.

Myths about Alcoholism Hynotherapy

Common misconceptions about hypnotherapy for alcoholism include:

  • Hypnosis is dangerous: The fact is that Hynotherapy is a safe, non-invasive technique. A patient can naturally transition between their heightened states of awareness to their normal state of mind. The therapist merely acts as a facilitator.
  • Hypnosis could be a miracle cure: While the technique has been known to facilitate fast results, it remains a process that patients may experience differently. Be wary of those who make claims of overnight success.
  • Loss of senses and memory: Hypnosis heightens the senses and introduces a broader sense of concentration and focus. The process does not shut down the mind, influence memory or allow patients to slip into an unconscious state of sleep.

Other Hypnotherapy Services We Provide

These are the challenges Louise offers Hypnotherapy services for:

  • Weight loss and eating-related issues.
  • Managing and treating stress and anxiety.
  • Managing Insomnia and compulsive behaviour
  • Overcoming addictions such as smoking and drinking
  • Managing and dealing with Phobias

Why Trust Louise with your personal challenges?

Louise was trained in Hypnotherapy at The Australian Institute of Clinical Hynotherapy. Hynotherapy is a recognised form of therapy which can assist you in breaking free from alcoholism and living the life that you deserve. Louise’s Online Hynotherapy sessions are just as effective as face to face Hypnotherapy sessions thanks to technology such as Zoom.

For more information or to book an app appointment please contact us.