Cosmetic & Facial Rejuvenation Acupuncture

To support you in preventing the progression of the signs of aging, and to rejuvenate and revive the skin and facial muscles.

cosmetic acupuncture

For those looking for a natural alternative to creating and maintaining a more youthful appearance.

As we age, there are certain structural and functional changes that occur in our face and neck:

  • Our skin loses tone, elasticity and moisture.
  • Our muscles become weaker and lose flexibility, pulling on the skin and causing lines and wrinkles.
  • The fat (adipose tissue) in our face descends and deflates, causing ‘sagging’ or ‘drooping.’
  • The connective tissue weakens and alters.
  • Our bones lose mass and change shape.

Acupuncture may help to address the signs of aging:

  • By stimulating the production of collagen and elastin in the skin.
  • By relaxing the muscles of the face, thereby softening lines.
  • By stimulating the production of osteoblasts in our bones.
  • By strengthening the connective tissue.

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