Louise’s Journey

Thank you for taking the time to find out if this programme is for you.

If the information on the site has resonated with you, then you must know that you are not alone.

A large majority of the population has or has had a difficult relationship with food at some time in their life.

It is my passion to help people like yourself to finally live a life free of struggle against food, one where you can truly take pleasure in what you eat AND reach your ideal weight, too.

Weight Loss is a subject very close to my heart. I, myself, have struggled with my weight from the time I reached puberty. It wasn‚Äôt until I was in my late 20‚Ä≤s that I became acutely aware of the yo-yo dieting pattern that had become so much part of my life. I tried many different ways to lose weight, and although I often had some success, none of these were sustainable. I was obsessed with food and what I ate, and would weigh myself as often as I could, sometimes twice or three times per day. Spending so much time thinking about food and how I could lose those extra kilo‚Äôs, or how I could rid myself of my binge eating episodes, plagued me day in and day out, and it was emotionally exhausting. I hated this ‚Äėdark‚Äô side of me and kept it well hidden from everyone. Not even my family knew how unhappy my relationship with food made me. I thought that if I could lose weight or ‚Äėfix‚Äô my eating issues then life would truly begin.

Then one day, I discovered Dynamic Eating Psychology, and¬†immediately, I¬†understood¬†why I had failed for so many years to release myself from¬†negative eating habits and obsessive calorie counting. I finally realised why no other weight loss programme had truly worked before. Not only did I suddenly really ‚Äėget‚Äô that I was not broken, but that I was merely unenlightened. I realised I was not alone, and that overeating was not merely a control issue. That food issues are about more than just food, they are doorways into a deeper and more important dimension of the self. Our relationship with food is here to teach us about our relationship with life.
And that our metabolism and habits are influenced by stress, work, money, relationship, sexuality, spirituality, our sense of purpose and so much more…..

I researched more… and more… I immersed myself in the concepts of Eating Psychology. That is how I learned an easy yet very effective way to acknowledge myself and my eating issues, and I found out how to work with and release the behaviour patterns that were causing me to use food for emotional nourishment. Once I was able to do this, my life changed forever. I am now my ideal weight, and I no longer have body image issues. I feel completely comfortable in my own skin. But the best part of this journey of self discovery was that I managed to understand how I could use these techniques in my everyday life to positively improve other areas of my life. And how I could use these techniques to help others. What I have learnt is that we are all powerful beyond description. We just have to listen, and be taught how to access this power within ourselves.

My mission is to help people transform their relationship with food so that they can live in the body they’re meant to have and live the life they’re meant to lead. My intention is to impart practical tools that will empower you as an eater and offer insights that will positively impact your metabolism. All this so that you can see yourself, nutrition and your journey to health through new eyes

I look forward to working with you

With Love, Louise